Seed Library

Borrow Seeds from our Library!

What is a seed library?

A seed library is a place people can get seeds for free and is run for the public benefit. The goal of our seed library is to introduce people to growing their own food and being self-sustainable.

Not only do we offer seeds but we offer garden tools as well to help you get started. All you need to provide is the space!

How does it work?

Browse through the selection of seeds we have on offer (courtesy of Cornell Cooperative Extension of Putnam County) and when you’ve found one you’re interested in growing, take the slip to the front desk and a clerk will get a seed packet for you.

Because our seed library is still growing, we ask that you limit the number of packets you borrow to three (3).

Do I need a library card?

No you do not.

Do I have to return the seeds?

It is not required that you harvest seeds at the end of the season, but you may return seeds from any plants you’ve grown using our seeds. Place your seeds in a sealed envelope and label with what type of seed, date harvested, and your name and contact information and give them to the Front Desk. If possible, return the original packet that came with the seeds to help us relabel them correctly.

Presently, we only accept seeds harvested from organically grown plants that have been grown from our library seeds.

I’ve always wanted to try starting a garden from seed but how do I do that?

No problem. Cornell Cooperative Extension of Putnam County has provided free handouts with
information on starting a garden from seed. If you’ve never grown anything from seed before, their guides will tell you everything you need to know including timing, planting medium, seedling care, hardening off, and much more.

If you have any gardening questions, you can reach out to a Master Gardener at 845-278-6738 or