Borrow A Mobile Hotspot At The Patterson Library!

Need internet access? Borrow a mobile hotspot!

Borrowing Information

Mobile hotspots can be checked out by patrons 18+ with an MHLS card in good-standing. Loan period is 7 days, no renewals, 1 per family. Mobile hotspots can be reserved up to 1 month in advance. Check the T-Mobile map for coverage in your area.

Mobile Hotspot FAQ

What is a mobile hotspot?

A mobile hotspot is a portable device that provides Wi-Fi access to the internet.

Who can reserve a mobile hotspot?

Any person who is 18+ and a Mid-Hudson Library Card holder in good-standing.

How do I reserve a mobile hotspot?

Call or stop by the library! Mobile Hotspots can be reserved up to one month ahead of time and are loaned out for 7 days. Families are allowed 1 reservation per month. 1 device per family.

How do I cancel a reservation?

Call or stop by the library to let us know. We appreciate you letting us know if you cannot pick up the mobile hotspot, as it allows others to utilize the device. A reservation will be forfeited if the mobile hotspot is not picked up on the agreed date.

Is there a charge to borrow?

There is no charge to borrow a hotspot. However, fees may be incurred if the mobile hotspot is returned late, damaged, and/or missing pieces.

$10 processing fee for missing and/or damaged original case/charger 

$25 fee for returning the mobile hotspot anywhere but the Patterson Library Circulation Desk  

$40 replacement fee for missing or damaged mobile hotspot

Can I renew the mobile hotspot?

No, mobile hotspots cannot be renewed. Patrons must wait 7 days after returning a hotspot before being eligible to borrow again. Late devices will have their service turned off.

How many devices can connect to the hotspot?

A maximum of 10 devices can connect at once.

Will the hotspot work everywhere?

It will only work where T-Mobile has data coverage. If you plan on taking the hotspot with you on a trip, check out T-Mobile’s data coverage map. Enter your zip code (or the zip code where you will be) and hit enter on your keyboard. It’s also important to remember that the mobile hotspot is like a cell phone when it comes to good connection. If there’s a location at home or in a building where you don’t have a strong enough signal to make a call on a cell phone, then chances are the hotspot won’t work in that location either. Mobile hotspots will not work outside the United States.

Mobile Hotspot Basic Instructions