Lending Tool Shed

Borrowing Information

  • MHLS card holders, in good standing, who are 18+ may borrow tools from our Lending Tool Shed.
  • Tools may be reserved up to 1 month in advance.
  • Tools are loaned out for a 3 day period and must be returned during business hours.
  • 3 tool maximum per deposit/household.
  • $25 refundable deposit required (cash or check).

Available Garden Tools

Bow Rake
Common Uses: To remove clots and rocks from soil, level garden, and prepare planting trenches for seeds.
Garden Hoe
Common Uses: To tear weeds out of soil and cultivate soil.
Garden Planter
Common Uses: To create holes for easy planting of bulbs and seedlings.
Hand Digging Tools Set Includes: 2 Hand Trowels, 1 Cultivator, 1 Hand Weeder
Common Uses: To dig small holes to plant seeds, bulbs, and transplant seedlings, turn soil around areas where plants and vegetables are planted, and remove weeds around plants.
Leaf Blower
Common Uses: Clear away leaves and grass clippings from driveways and sidewalks.
Leaf Rake
Common Uses: To gather together leaves and other debris on lawns.
Long Handle Shovel
Common Uses: To break up soil, dig up grass and weeds, and dig deep holes for plants, shrubs, and trees.
Post Hole Digger
Common Uses: To dig narrow holes to install posts for items like signs and fences.
Common Uses: To cultivate and aerate soil and uproot weeds.
Twist Cultivator
Common Uses: To cultivate and aerate soil and uproot weeds.