Local Links

Town of Patterson
Putnam County Information
Voter Registration
Putnam County Trailway/Bikeway Map

Local Schools

Carmel Central School District
Brewster Central School District
Pawling Central School District
–  Pawling Central School District Proposed 2021-2022 Budget
JFK High School
Mizzentop Day School
Trinity-Pawling School

Local Community Organizations

Colonial Fredericksburg
Patterson Chamber of Commerce
Patterson Historical Society
Patterson Rotary
Putnam Humane Society

Family Resources

Putnam CAP
Patterson Food Pantry
Food Banks
Women’s Resource Center
NYS Multiple Systems Navigator (Access health, education, human service and disability information for children and families on one user-friendly website)

Local Transportation

Metro-North Railroad – Dial 511 and say “Metro-North Railroad”
Putnam Transit – (845) 878-RIDE (7433)
Taxis – Pawling Train Station Taxi – (845) 855-9800