News Sources

Looking for local news? Want to make sure a news story is reliable? Then check out these sites!

Local News

Check out what’s happening locally!

Free Local News

Brewster’s HamletHub
The Harlem Valley News
Putnam County Times and Press**
Putnam Daily Voice
The Putnam Examiner**

Paid Access Local News

The Journal News*
The Poughkeepsie Journal
The Putnam County Courier*
The Putnam County News and Recorder
*Recent print copies available for in-house use
**Free copies available in our vestibule
***The New York Times and Wall Street Journal are also available in-house

Facebook Pages

Like, follow, or join these pages for current local happenings, news, and community discussions.

Brewster’s Hamlet Hub
The Examiner News
The Journal News/lohud
Patterson, NY Community Post & Watch
The Patterson/Putnam County News
The Pawling News
The Poughkeepsie Journal
The Putnam County Courier
Putnam County Daily Voice

Fact Checkers

Fact checkers are tools that can help you check the accuracy of statements and articles.


More fact checking sites and information on fake news can be found in this helpful guide by the U.C. Berkeley Library.