Lending Tool Shed

Borrowing Information

  • MHLS card holders who are 18+ may borrow tools from our Lending Tool Shed.
  • Tools may be reserved up to 1 month in advance.
  • Tools are loaned out for a 3 day period and must be returned during business hours.
  • 3 tool maximum per deposit/household.
  • $25 refundable deposit required (cash or check).

Available Tools

Bow Rake Garden Hoe Garden Planter Hand Digging Tools Set
Bow Rake
Common Uses: To remove clots and rocks from soil, level garden, and prepare planting trenches for seeds.
Garden Hoe
Common Uses: To tear weeds out of soil and cultivate soil.
Garden Planter
Common Uses: To create holes for easy planting of bulbs and seedlings.
Hand Digging Tools Set Includes: 2 Hand Trowels, 1 Cultivator, 1 Hand Weeder
Common Uses: To dig small holes to plant seeds, bulbs, and transplant seedlings, turn soil around areas where plants and vegetables are planted, and remove weeds around plants.
Leaf Blower Leaf Rake Long handle Shovel
Leaf Blower
Common Uses: Clear away leaves and grass clippings from driveways and sidewalks.
Leaf Rake
Common Uses: To gather together leaves and other debris on lawns.
Long Handle Shovel
Common Uses: To break up soil, dig up grass and weeds, and dig deep holes for plants, shrubs, and trees.
Post Hole Digger Roto-Cultivator Twist Cultivator
Post Hole Digger
Common Uses: To dig narrow holes to install posts for items like signs and fences.
Common Uses: To cultivate and aerate soil and uproot weeds.
Twist Cultivator
Common Uses: To cultivate and aerate soil and uproot weeds.