Budget Vote Information

The Patterson Library will have the following budget proposition placed on the Town of Patterson’s November 2, 2021, General Election ballot:

Patterson Library’s budget was last increased by public vote in 2016.  The proposed budget increase for 2022 will sustain and expand quality programs, materials and services; meet rising costs; and comply with NYS mandated wage and benefit increases.  The request for additional funding is as follows:

Shall the annual contribution of the Town of Patterson for the Patterson Library be increased by $142,577 (one hundred forty-two thousand five hundred seventy-seven dollars) to the sum of $1,016,160 (one million sixteen thousand one hundred sixty dollars) annually?

Have questions about this proposition? Below are answers to frequently asked questions:

How much will my taxes increase?

  • A home in Patterson valued at $333,000 pays approximately $13,000 in total taxes. Currently, only $235.00 (1.83% ) of that goes to the library. If the budget is approved, the average increase per household is approximately $46.00 annually, or about $3.84 per month.

When was the last budget increase?

  • The last budget increase was approved five years ago in 2016.

Why do we need an increase?

  • To cover rising operating costs such as mandated minimum wage increases; maintenance and repairs of building, gazebo, patio, gardens and grounds; utilities; and equipment
  • To sustain and expand quality programs, materials and services
  • To maintain/expand technology
  • To cover rising costs of digital and print materials

What happens if the library doesn’t get the funding it needs?

Without this additional funding, we may have to:

  • Reduce the number of programs offered
  • Eliminate some current services
  • Decrease the number of items available to borrowers

When do Patterson residents vote on the Library Proposition?

  • Election Day is Tuesday, November 2nd. Early voting begins on October 23rd.  For your polling location, visit putnamboe.com. Don’t forget to flip the ballot!

Why does the library need to put a proposition on the ballot?

  • As a not-for profit 501(c)3 library, voters must approve any budget increase. The Town of Patterson collects the taxes on our behalf.

I don’t use the library, why should I pay for it?

  • A public library is available to everyone.  It offers vital services for our residents and plays a large part in a thriving community. It provides valuable materials and services for those who use it and helps build a better community for all of us.